Black History Month 2020 • The Black Bonus

February is the shortest month on the calendar, but in 2020—a leap year—we got another day. An extra day tacked onto Black History Month.

Beyond reflecting on Black trailblazers past and present, we got another day to take in the full breadth of the Black experience, which was great. Another day to acknowledge the struggles overcome and those that still persist. Another day to learn, discuss, honor and celebrate just how much Black talent, Black culture, and Black stories have shaped history as we know it (advertising included). 

And although it might've only be one extra day, we took what it represented and ran with it for the whole month. We called it The Black Bonus.

The D&I committee and Kinfolk, Droga5's Black-identifying affinity group, invited the entire agency to get involved in this extra day of commemoration of Black history and Black excellence. Month-long programming included everything from film screenings and live discussions to a curated marketplace and the immersive VR experience, Traveling While Black.

The Black Bonus: A Short Film

To show what the Black Bonus means to the agency, we put together a short internal film that celebrates both how much Black culture has played a role in what we create within the agency, and the talent that shapes this industry's future.

Dream Team

Agency: Droga5 | CW: Stacy-Ann Ellis  | ADs: Germany Lancaster, Astrid Andujar, Kamal Collins | CD: Oriel Davis-Lyons | ECD: Kevin Brady | Producer: Kenya Agunloye

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