Facebook • Never Lost

From its onset, COVID-19 has upended the lives of millions of people across the globe. Despite it dismantling perceived norms and causing unquantifiable loss, it has shown that the only way to get through a crisis is with each other. The short film “Never Lost,” which marked the launch of Facebook's COVID Support marketplace, illustrates the idea that as humans, we're never truly lost as long as we can connect to each other. 

The film, set to Kate Tempest’s 2019 poem, “People’s Faces,” was premiered on Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg.

Dream Team

Agency: Droga5 | CWs: Stacy-Ann Ellis, Josh Dimarcantonio  | ADs: Oscar Gierup, Paul Oberlin | CDs: Marybeth Ledesma, Thom Glover, Jono Paull, Dustin Tomes

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