Facebook for Business • Reinvent

Facebook has a wide set of business tools that help connect businesses to their customers, but despite the millions of businesses that use these tools, millions more haven’t realized how helpful they can be. To change that, we told the stories of three small business owners through the lens of the Facebook Tools that helped them stay open when the world shut down, then grow their business beyond that. We set the stage with Stasha Harris' Brooklyn braiding salon, Magic Fingers Studio, before diving into the micro stories of Chicago-based Mexican paletaria, Razpachos, and New Jersey-based jewelry business, KZMT & Co.

The films were directed by Crystal Kaziya, the documentary filmmaker behind Sundance-selected shorts, Edgecombe and See You Next Time.

Dream Team

Agency: Droga5 | CWs: Stacy-Ann Ellis, David Canavan  | ADs: Oscar Gierup, Patrick Horton | ACDs: Stacey Smith, Melisa Chamorro | CCO: Neil Heymann | Designer: Adrian Koenigsberg

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